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“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.”

Albert Einstein

Outspoken writer and columnist JAY PASK knows how to cut through prejudices and political correctness to provide a researched and realistic opinion on the events of the day. Jay takes a fearless approach in his viewpoint on hot topic issues, catering to a pragmatic audience not living life through rose coloured glasses.

JAY PASK has gathered a loyal readership who appreciate the acerbic wit of his weekly FASHION POLICE with JAY PASK column featured in various News Limited newspapers throughout the country, such as The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Cairns Post.


Abbott the conviction politician; love him or loathe him at least you know where he stands.

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Thank you Tony Abbott. Thank you for being one of the last of a dying breed; a conviction politician. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Tuesday he was “in no hurry to leave politics because we need strong Liberal conservative voices now, more than ever before.” This statement comes as…

Note to Pauline: Autistic children are not queue jumping refugees.

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Pauline, the autistic children of Australia and their families await your apology. Your speech to parliament yesterday was ill-informed and irresponsible. Your wording was hurtful and degrading to children on the spectrum disorder. Calling for segregation and the removal of certain people from society may have been your modes operandi for…

Union members deserve better representation than yesterday’s vile protests.

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How on earth could anyone take seriously the union protest in Brisbane yesterday? If you were unfortunate enough to view images of the 4000 people march, you would have been privy to a vile display of ill-educated and misguided masculinity. It was rough. March leaders addressed the baying crowd with illogically…

FINSBURY PARK ATTACK: This is not white vigilante-ism, this is terrorism.

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A vehicle ploughs into a crowded London street. This occurred again today. The same sickening, saddening, shocking act of terrorism that makes targets of London pedestrians.  The same heinous act that has also claimed lives in Paris, Nice and Melbourne. However, today’s mowing down of bystanders was not in the name of…