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“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.”

Albert Einstein

Outspoken writer and columnist JAY PASK knows how to cut through prejudices and political correctness to provide a researched and realistic opinion on the events of the day. Jay takes a fearless approach in his viewpoint on hot topic issues, catering to a pragmatic audience not living life through rose coloured glasses.

JAY PASK has gathered a loyal readership who appreciate the acerbic wit of his weekly FASHION POLICE with JAY PASK column featured in various News Limited newspapers throughout the country, such as The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Cairns Post.


China is not obliged to engage in diplomacy with North Korea on Washington’s terms.

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I was asked this morning, “Why is China not doing more to stop the North Korea situation?” This is not the basic question it appears to be. To answer this question it is imperative to consider the complex layering of issues that guide China’s involvement in this current North Korea…

Sorry Barnaby and Co, no Parliamentarian should be shocked by the implications of Section 44.

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It is laughable that any member of the Federal Parliament, of any political leaning or party, should be shocked should section 44 of the Australian Constitution find them ineligible to sit in Parliament. Whether it be Scott Ludlam, Larissa Waters, Malcolm Roberts, Matt Canavan, Barnaby Joyce or any other who…

The Australian Army is not a playground for gender wars.

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Infectious. That is how I would describe the madness of political correctness. And so contagious is this disease of the Left that not even our Australian Defence Force is adequately vaccinated. The Australian Army has enforced a recruitment policy that aims for a 25% quota of women in the ADF. More…

GC Bulletin says we are in damage control; that’s news to me.

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I may have a penchant for fake tan, a windswept strawberry blonde fringe and my middle name is Donald but that is not why I am screaming “Fake News” like a certain President of the free world. The Gold Coast Bulletin, one august publication I write for, has today flagged…