Writer, Columnist and Opinion Provider.

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.”

Albert Einstein

Outspoken writer and columnist JAY PASK knows how to cut through prejudices and political correctness to provide a researched and realistic opinion on the events of the day. Jay takes a fearless approach in his viewpoint on hot topic issues, catering to a pragmatic audience not living life through rose coloured glasses.

JAY PASK has gathered a loyal readership who appreciate the acerbic wit of his weekly FASHION POLICE with JAY PASK column featured in various News Limited newspapers throughout the country, such as The Gold Coast Bulletin and The Cairns Post.



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Only months out from the 2004 election, Mark Latham was giving John Howard a competitive run for his money in the polls. There was a very real chance he could actually topple Howard for the nation’s top job. And then came the infamous handshake, that overtly manly and overpowering handshake with…


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The French head to the polls today to choose their next President. The difference between the candidates is quite stark. In the centre is Emmanuel Macron and to the right is Marine Le Pen. Macron is presented as the safer option and Le Pen as a right wing extremist. This is…

Not my ABC.

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The ABC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a media body paid for by the Australian tax payer to the tune of $800 million per year. We, you and me, we vicariously own our share of the ABC through the hard earned tax dollars that we pay. Well I want a refund…

The PM finally shows some teeth.

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It has taken close to two years in the top job for Malcolm Turnbull to finally show some grit. Changes to the 457 visa and Citizenship Tests brought on by the government this week were about a lot more than just modifying entry provisions for foreign workers. The PM was…